So many people have trouble buying gifts for their fathers. Men are simple, food, drink, toys, or tools. Now that all seems simple enough but we have a few ground rules to discuss before you go buy your father a tie with cats on it. Lets start with the food, assorted snacks of nuts and jerky that he can eat while he is watching the game. With food try to stick with what he likes but try to get something he would not buy for himself. If he likes steak just don’t get him a regular steak from your local grocery store go to a butcher and get him the best steak you can afford. Drink works the same as food, if he likes a good beer after work why not pick him out a assortment of craft beers. Toys and tools I am going to lump into the same category. This is where it gets more difficult, if you do not know exactly what he wants including brand don’t get him a toy or a tool go back to food and drink. Specialty gadgets fit into tools and toys but can be purchased if you think he may use it. Just keep in mind quality not junk. At the end of the day a Father’s Day card and a hug will put a smile on his face.


Happy Father”s Day from all of us.

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